Dugout Equipment Organizer Eliminates Dugout Chaos

Youth sports are fun for all.  However, the fun quickly turns to frustration when the team’s equipment is scattered throughout the dugout and no one can find what they need.

As a coach, you want to avoid the chaotic scramble between innings and get your players back on the field for a few throws before the action starts. 

Likewise, when you take your team to a tournament, you need a dugout-setup that insures familiarity, efficiency and organization.

The Dugout Manager® is a portable and compact dugout organizer designed to hang on chain-link fence and is capable of holding most, if not all, of your team’s arsenal of equipment.

Whether you are working with you child’s first t-ball team or climbing the ranks of the little league baseball or softball divisions, the Dugout Manager® helps eliminate dugout clutter and gets your players back on the field.


Made in America.

The Dugout Manager® was introduced to the market in 2010. Today, it is included as one of the products provided by the Chevy Youth Baseball program to thousands of little leagues across the country.


Collapsible Version

Permanently Installed Version